We started our collaboration with the Substance Awareness Center of Indian River County in 2016 and are excited to be working with them!

 This unique program was developed to help give the youth in our community the skills they need to be healthy, safe and successful while being free from the dangers of smoking, alcohol, marijuana and bullying. Participants in this program combine archery with a counseling session on a weekly basis for a 12 week program.   By providing a safe yet exciting activity for youth we are able to teach new skills while building their confidence and self-worth.

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From the SAC Website:

The SAC offers outpatient counseling for teens dealing with substance abuse issues. ReDirect is a 12 weeks program of weekly individual and groups sessions. We focus on getting teens to replace self-destructive behaviors with healthy coping mechanisms. By providing teens with the direction and guidance they need, they are able to realize their full potential and work on setting and accomplishing goals. We utilize clinically-based methods and exercises designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem in adolescents. Through outpatient counseling, teens are given the tools they need to deal with stress and peer pressure, and learn how to face these challenges without the use of drugs or alcohol. Our counseling staff utilizes a variety of modalities such as, Cognitive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Individual Counseling Sessions, Group Therapy and Multi-Family Group sessions, in order to help teens and their families.

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